With experience across multiple realms of business development, James MacKenzie of Newton, MA, possesses a skill set that enables him to handle various business support needs, including marketing, sales, and advertising. James MacKenzie also follows a healthy vegan lifestyle and plays golf in pursuit of a career on the professional circuit.

After receiving his undergraduate degree in marketing from Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island, James MacKenzie completed a degree in business with a concentration in professional golf management from Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina.

While in school, he secured employment with College Pro Painting, through which he went door-to-door and honed his sales and advertising skills. He also scheduled appointments and gained firsthand experienced cleaning windows and gutters as a cofounder of Home Groomers. Mr. MacKenzie implemented a highly effective low-cost advertising campaign, growing the business to employ seven dedicated workers.

He also worked for book publisher EH Publishing, where he helped to bring in $15,000 in revenue through sales and marketing activities. His other positions have involved serving Maintenance Products Corporation and the Bowdoin Group in human resources-based roles.

He most recently worked with AJM Group in Waltham, MA, as an on-site supervisor. In this position, he managed employees and a significant project budget. He also navigated the social and political terrain of the area, building relationships with stakeholders including city workers and officials, real estate agents, and subcontractors, in order to garner the cooperation necessary to complete properties.